Happy a8c Anniversary to Me

I’m not much of an anniversary person. In the 5+ years together, E and I have never celebrated when we “became a thing”. In part, that may be because neither of us remember when it happened. “Sometime in December in 2011, I think?”.

As time passes, I realize that while dates are arbitrary, they’re worth remembering for the sake of enjoying how much a relationship has enriched the parties involved.

Today marks my 2nd anniversary at Automattic. In the time I’ve been here, I’ve had over 15,000 conversations with WordPress users. That’s 15,000 times someone has been empowered to communicate their message to any being in the universe who knows how to plug into our Internet system (I’m talking about non-earthlings too).

This anniversary also represents 375 hours I haven’t spent commuting, using the time to learn CSS, HTML, and how to read PHP instead. It represents an entire pregnancy and 3 months completely unplugged to be with my newborn. It represents a shift in mindset – the world is full of possibility, and we create our own adventure maps. I know that now.

One of my favorite things to celebrate is the community I get to enjoy by working here. Automatticians have taught me that Dungeons and Dragons is the funnest game in the world and “guys” is not an appropriate term for addressing anyone other than a plural of men. How can I even give words to the excitement that comes with spending a few days with my coworkers? They’re such special, fun, kind, and curious people.

Thanks for the time so far. I’m excited about what’s to come.