ILetters to a Spiritual Seeker, Henry David Thoroeau wrote “Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still.”  I 100% agree.  But, I work as a customer service rep and absolutely detest most of my job.  Update: life changed in the 6 years since this page was published, and this isn’t true anymore. Who on earth wants to take the backwash of all of the messed up orders, listen to angry customers (the result of someone else’s mishandling), and fix everything?  It’s a duty meant for a superhero, or maybe for someone with one of those adorable personalities at which you just can’t get angry.

So this is how the blog began.

Today my boss walked through my office and asked about the book sitting on my desk, Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson–an absolutely astonishing read that only changed what I thought about things because it changed how I thought about things.  One point leads to another, and suddenly he and another one of my bosses are reading it.  The thought occurred to me that when they finish, someone will strike up a conversation about it, and he might see me in an element I absolutely love: talking about ideas.

I suddenly began to dream about the conversation and how I could say that if I could do anything, it would center around ideas — the thinking, articulating, and communicating with others.  The dream came to an abrupt end when I realized that my militaristic boss would say “what good will that do the world?”

In the hypothetical dream, he has a point — his business is in the field of providing protection to those who are in lines of fire.  I had to stop dreaming and start thinking.

My following point will be cliche, but for the first time I experienced it as more than someone’s comment, and it is profound: if more people were thinking, maybe  there would be less “crossfire.”  1. We wouldn’t have as much time to fight.  2. Would we want to fight?  In the realms of personal development, wouldn’t the depth of the soul, the search for meaning in life, the hope for and pursuit of doing what we actually love (full circle–10 points) offset some of the conflict?

I have never been a pacifist, and I understand the need to stand up for boundaries, protection, rights, etc. but I might prefer the pro-active side of it, as opposed to the reactive side of it.  In the end, both sides will benefit by working together.

While I cannot pay my bills by thinking, the equation of a job to doing what we love was never guaranteed, and the lack of  such an equation does not hold us back from our passionate pursuits.

The result begins here as an opportunity to enjoy the creativity of ideas: my puddles of thought — not so deep as Plato and even Thoreau, but I never really liked swimming anyway.

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