History Repeats Itself

Let’s start with a vague statement: At one point in time, someone said it and I believed it:

History repeats itself. We study it, so we avoid letting it do so.

If all plots can only boil down to 7 different struggles, I’m assuming history will repeat itself regardless of what we study or choose to do. I’m just going to accept that and return to the process: What’s the best I can do today?

I study the past for nuances and stories. It doesn’t have to cast a shadow of fear over the present. The past will repeat itself in some form or another, flowing along these plot lines we can’t escape in our 4 dimensions.

What will become of our choices today? Conflict will arise, and we can trust the plots will bring happy moments too. Many people predict repetitions of past crimes. The present’s nuances differ like remake movies do from the 1970s spy shows that inspired them. They tend to be more real, have more humor, and find better redemption with every retelling.